Please print this form out and bring it in with your items: Consignor Inventory Drop List

Each consignor will be asked to sign a 90 day Consignment Contract. The general terms are as follows:

% of sale price to:
Item Sells Consignor Riverbridge
1-30 days 60% 40%
31-60 days 50% 50%
61-90 days 40% 60%

ITEM CHARGE:  There is a $2.50 item charge for each piece of furniture and a $1.00 item charge on all other items. The item charge is an administrative fee for time spent pricing, cleaning, displaying, etc. The fee is automatically deducted from the consignor split when an item is sold.

Extensions will be allowed by mutual agreement.  The consignor’s percentage will stay at 40% on all remaining items until sold.  These items may be subject to further price reduction.  Your items do not become the property of Riverbridge Resale after 90 days, as with some shops.  No need to worry – we will contact you when we are ready for you to pick up your unsold items.

CANCELLATION OF CONTRACT:  Consignors may pick up item(s) before the consignment term is up, however, there is a 25% penalty fee based on the original sale price of the item. Once a Consignor has decided to cancel the contract, they have one day to arrange for pick-up. Items will remain on the floor, available for sale, until they have been picked up. Consignor should make sure they have a vehicle large enough to transport their item(s) and enough help to load it.

DELIVERY & PICKUP OF MERCHANDISE:  We have a private pickup and delivery service available to our consignors and customers (should you require it ) at reasonable rates.

CONSIGNMENT PAYMENTS:  Riverbridge Resale & Consignment will cut checks to consignors for all sold items in each calendar month on the 10th day of the following month (Example:  Items sold March 1-31 will be paid on April 10th).  As an added service, consignors may monitor their accounts and inventory on-line via “CONSIGNOR LOGIN” button here on our website.

LIABILITY:  We at Riverbridge Resale & Consignment will do our best to safeguard your items, however, we cannot assume any liability for the loss, damage to, or destruction of any item consigned.


  • All items must be CLEAN, in good condition, currently in style and in demand. Any items that are missing parts, chipped, cracked or broken will not be accepted.   We may not be able to accept items that have been housed in a smoking or pet environment.  We reserve the right to refuse any item due to condition, current inventory levels or past experience.
  • Please bring help to unload your items as we may not always be available to help unload.
  • Pricing – We determine the retail price on all consigned merchandise. It is in everyone’s interest for items to be priced at a fair market value that would allow them to realistically sell within the first 30 days of the consignment period. We will do markdowns as we deem appropriate.  Our guidelines are to reduce the price by 5%-10% after each 30 day interval.
  • Acceptance of furniture must be preapproved by our staff prior to arrival.  Please bring in a photo or email a digital photo to [email protected] for our review.

Many things do not reveal themselves in a photo. We must “physically” see the item in order to arrive at an accurate price. Upon inspection, we look at several factors to determine the retail price: general condition, construction, age, patina, repairs, manufacturer, general consumer demand, etc. Feel free to look around our showroom for similar items and see how they are priced.

We will accept up to 20 decorator items per month per consignor, and all items must have a market value of at least $10.00.

We Accept…

  • Quality Furniture
  • Antiques in good condition
  • Quality Furnishings
  • Collectibles
  • Funky, Bizarre, Retro
  • Beds – (no mattresses)
  • Paintings
  • Unique and unusual items
  • Glassware, China & Crystal
  • Lamps

We Do Not Accept…

  • Large & Small Appliances
  • Particle Board Furniture
  • Futons
  • Mattresses
  • Clothing
  • Books
  • Baby Beds & Car Seats (Due to safety recalls)
  • Healthcare Equipment
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Computer/Electronic Equipment
  • Toys/Crafts
  • Everyday Dishes, Glasses or Mugs